Selling Your Home For Top Dollar

"We pride ourselves in obtaining top dollar for ALL of our clients properties."


Four Seasons has assisted home sellers throughout Michigan in selling their homes successfully and at prices near the high end of the market. He has excellent market knowledge and increase the effectiveness of your home sale by guiding you before, during and after the transaction.


Although many real estate companies will suggest a remodel prior to listing your home, there is no need to spend a great deal of money before listing and selling your home. We do however suggest a few key improvements to guarantee your home shows well which often results in a quicker home sale and a potentially higher price.


One of the most important selling features of your home is the exterior as that is usually the first impression and makes buyers more eager to see the inside. It will also encourage potential buyers passing your property to call your agent for a showing. We have listed to a few tips below to help you sell your home.


Four Seasons's Sellers Guide  

When it comes to selling your home, Four Seasons can provide you with tips that will help you sell your home, but get the most money for it.


Below is a list of what of what you should do to the exterior of your home prior to listing it. 


» Keep your front entrance clean, free of clutter well maintained. If needed, repaint the door and any railing, replace old address numbers, and make sure the porch lights and the doorbell works.
» Replace the mailbox and other exterior features if they are old and outdated. Repair cracked or crumbling foundation, steps, walkways, walls, and patios.
» Make sure the landscaping is always up to par. Make sure garden beds are defined and freshly planted and mulched, the lawn cut and sufficiently watered, hedges trimmed, and weeds pulled.
» Make sure your is free of any garden tools, toys, newspapers, and other potential clutter. Make sure the front walkway is swept clean.
» Inspect exterior surfaces for peeling paint and loose attachments on the house and fix. Keep the windows free of spider webs and vines.
» Keep any shutters in good condition, freshly painted and hung straight. Clean and secure the gutters and clean the chimney.
» Repair or replace loose or damaged roof shingles as well as loose siding and caulking.


Below is a list of what of what you should do to the interior of your home prior to listing it.


» Thoroughly clean your home. Wash the windows inside and out, clean the carpets, and clean the walls.
» If the walls and carpet are overly dirty or brightly colored, consider repainting and carpeting those rooms with a neutral shade, such as off-white or beige.
» Make your house appear roomier and more welcoming by picking up clutter, toys, shoes, and clothing. Make sure everything is in its place.
» Repair any cracks, holes or damage to plaster, walls, wallpaper, paint, and tiles. Replace broken or cracked windowpanes, moldings, and other woodwork.
» Inspect and repair any electrical, plumbing, heating, or cooling problems.
» Spruce up the kitchen and bathrooms. New faucets and showerheads go along away. If you have any dripping faucets have them fixed.
» Replace old and outdated cabinet knobs, curtains, and towels. Make sure there are no dirty dishes and empty wastebaskets and trash cans.
» Make sure all electrical outlets and light switches are working. Replace all light bulbs with the maximum wattage permissible.
» Keep all drapes and shades open as a well lighted home is more welcoming.
» Dust, vacuum carpets and sweep the floors. Straighten rugs and pillows and make all beds.
» Open windows to freshen the rooms and make sure the house is free of any pet and other potential odors.


It has been proven that  homes sell faster and for more money with a realtor.
Many people make the mistake of trying to sell their own home without help, believing the sales process to be simple and less expensive than listing with a realtor. However, in most cases, the visibility and resources a good realtor provides helps a home sell much faster than an For Sale By Owner home, cutting down on the market time and therefore being less expensive in the long run to the seller. If you are attempting to sell your home talk with Four Seasons so we can explain how he can help the process and get you more money for your home.