Selecting The Right Real Estate Agent

"We like to consider ourselves the right Agents for everyone based on our knowledge and experience of the Real Estate market, our honesty and true caring for the people We represent."


When the time comes to sell your home, the first task for most home owners is to select a real estate agent to handle the process. Finding the right agent to sell your house isn't easy, but it can be done. Just make sure to do your homework on the individual, and not just assume that because they work for a big-name company they're a high-caliber agent. You may find exactly what you need at a company you've never heard of. 


So how do you find a high-caliber agent? Let's start by defining what makes the agent high-caliber. Is it time in the industry? No, you can have really bad agents who have been in the business for a very long time. Is it the volume of homes they sell? Maybe. Most agents will tell you that they are in the Million Dollar Club. What does that mean? It means that the agent has sold over $1 million in home value. Was that ten $100,000 homes  or just one $1,000,000 dollar home? Simply being a member of a club does not make an agent good.


The definition of a high-caliber agent is an agent who performs to expectations in the shortest amount of time. That is, an agent who sells your house, closest to list price, in the shortest amount of time. We are a results oriented driven team of agents that works diligently and  produces the results our clients have come to expect, whether selling or purchasing a home.


The Right Agents For You

Purchasing a house will be perhaps the largest and possibly the most difficult purchase in your life.


Below is a list of what a " Good Agent" should offer their client. The list below is EXACTLY what Four Seasons offers our clients.


» Cares more about your priorities and your money than their commission.
» Negotiates effectively and aggressively to achieve the best possible price and terms. A good agent who knows how to negotiate can easily make a 3% difference in sales price.
» Never makes decisions for you or pushes you to make decisions a certain way.
» Tells you the truth, positives, negatives, upsides,  and downsides, even what you might not want to hear.
» Knows the market in your  area and property type. Understands  market trends, neighborhoods, pros and cons of a purchase, and any potential legal issues.


The quality of the agent working on your behalf, his or her competence, integrity, work ethic and commitment to your interests—can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your home purchase or sale.


It has been proven that  homes sell faster and for more money with a realtor. Many people make the mistake of trying to sell their own home without help, believing the sales process to be simple and less expensive than listing with a realtor. However, in most cases, the visibility and resources a good realtor provides helps a home sell much faster than an For Sale By Owner home, cutting down on the market time and therefore being less expensive in the long run to the seller. Call Four Seasons today and let us make your first home purchase a memorable one.